Friday, December 11, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!!  It's my last Friday of work before BREAK and I can hear the hallelujah chorus playing if I close my eyes and listen closely :)  Seriously though - this semester has been ten times smoother than I anticipated and we are SO GRATEFUL!  For in-person school, for activities, for the health of our students and staff - we're THANKFUL! But we're also SO READY for some time off :) hahaha

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First up is this cute little retro tree farm set up in a random parking lot right off the downtown square.  G and I were running a couple of errands and stumbled upon it and it's seriously the cutest thing!

It's a real camper (when I showed Mason the pics he thought it was a "backdrop") and tables set up where you can hang out, eat, etc.

If you're local it's on Chestnut Street right across from the feed and seed store.

I can't handle the peace sign she insists on doing :) 

It was "Christmas Spirit Week" for middle school this week and we had Winter Wonderland day (beanies and scarves), Christmas socks, Christmas hats and Christmas shirt/sweater day. 

I found this super subtle headband at $5 and below and felt very Sia in it :) hahaha

And  this ChristMATH shirt is a new favorite...

After our Santa visit on Tuesday night my brother, SIL, nephews and parents stayed for dinner and I passed out our annual cousin Christmas pjs.  It was like plaid exploded all over my house.  I LOVE IT!!!

Mason and Davis... two middle child peas in a pod :)

Mama(s) tried!

I've been wearing leggings and sweaters constantly but decided to mix it up this week and was so excited about this dress that I forgot I bought during Spring break what feels like a lifetime ago and I think I only wore it once before life shut down!

Luke had his first band concert this week and Dave and I couldn't have been more proud!  We were both in band from 6th grade through college and are so excited for Luke!

That's my (almost) teenager on the marimba... WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!?!

And who is this 6-ft tall ballerina I dropped off at class?!?!?!

Rosie's FAVORITE evening spot?  With Luke :)  We crack up because when she's tired she starts bugging Luke to go upstairs and as soon as he does she runs up there and jumps on his bed.

And when she's not sleeping on Luke's bed???

This is one of her other FAVORITE spots :) 

One of my FAVORITE December traditions is grabbing an amaryllis and waiting for it to open and mine bloomed this week!

And last, but not least - this "perspective art" by Mason (it's supposed to look like the snowmen are looking down on you laying in the snow) is my current fridge favorite.

I hope y'all have an awesome weekend!  Mason has his first basketball game tonight, we have big plans to finally switch out Griffin's earrings (she got them pierced back in August) and Luke has already made a study schedule for exams next week!  HAPPY Friday!!

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  1. Sounds like a fun week! Those PJs are so cute, and I love the headband!

  2. I love your "Sia" headband! I would wear that in a heartbeat and I'm about to turn 44. I call myself Mrs. Christmas because after Thanksgiving day I dress neutral everyday so that I can wear fun and sparkly bright Christmas earrings. I love this time of year! Have a great weekend and thanks for always hosting this linkup. It's my favorite to participate in.

  3. Oh my, G in her ballerina leo and the sunset! 😍 I can't get over how big Rosie is, I haven't seen her in a while in stories and such so I feel like she's a giant! How sweet is she trying to fit on the chair. 😂 Have a great weekend!

  4. That tree lot looks exactly like the one in my Christmas village! How cute. I love all those plaid cousins.

  5. Rosie cracks me up! I love when she sits/sleeps in the den chair!

  6. Love this whole post- but I adore you in that pink and black polka-dotted dress! Have a great weekend xx

  7. It is so nice with all things for nice Christmas. All your kids are so cute. Love all and Have a nice holiday for you!