Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Gift Guide For Boys

Sharing some gifts today that would be perfect for any little boys (or girls!) on your shopping list this season.

Luke has a set of these Keva planks and they're super well made and their simple design lends itself to all kinds of building projects.  Buildings, roads, garages, etc.

This is one of our FAVORITE family games.  We learned how to play it at family camp a few years ago and it's a weekly play at our house.

My boys got a laser tag set a couple of years ago and it's brought TONS of entertainment for them and their friends. They can play with each other or with a group and it's great indoors or out.

Luke is getting one of the larger Spheros for Christmas and I CAN'T WAIT for him to open it.  I've heard great things about it from teacher friends and it looks like so much fun!  The sphero mini looks like a great option as well!

Mason has been asking to wear my apple watch because he wants to see how many steps he's taking and know what time it is (so cute!) and the Garmin has great reviews.  It can keep track of chores and tasks as well and I think Mason will love it!

Mason got the star projector earlier this year and it's one of the coolest things I've ever bought.  It projects a GORGEOUS starry sky onto the ceiling and is so much fun!

This set of 6 playground balls is under $30 and is one of my kids most played with items.  Kickball, basketball, on the trampoline, wall ball... they use these daily.  We've gifted sets to friends and they're just an old school, fun gift.

Because it wouldn't be a gift guide without some Legos on it :)  Both of my boys have a few different sets on their list this Christmas and I am Legos #1 fan!

This magnetic race track can be built in a ton of different configurations and comes with two electric cars that care on the track.  It's compatible with other picasso tiles which are great for tons of ages.

My boys LOVE NERF guns and I think that this would be a fun way to play that doesn't involve shooting each other (or me!) hahaha

My kids got these a few years ago and they LOVE THEM!  They're super fun to ride and are adjustable so they're great for kids of varying ages.

Mason has had these in two different sizes and they are RIGHT UP HIS ALLEY!  They are for sure a statement piece but if you have a kid who likes to make a statement they may be right up their alley as well :) 

Mason has had these before and he really enjoyed coloring and building them.

My boys love playing with Lego sets but they also love to tear them apart and build "scenes" with all of their pieces.  These big base plates are what they use to build their scenes on and they love receiving these.

This R/C car can go on all kinds of surfaces and has great reviews!

Another pick that's great for lots of different ages.  My boys will take turns stoping and catching the rockets and we've had lots of competitions to see who can get it to go the farthest.

This book makes stop motion super easy and I LOVE IT when my kids get creative and make them.

Osmo Pizza is a game that you can use with the OSMO base (for your iPad) where the kids have to take orders, create the pizzas and then make change as people pay for their orders.  The difficulty increases as you pay and the math can be pretty challenging which I think is awesome.  You can read more about why we love OSMO in THIS POST.

Zoob are one of our favorite gifts to give for birthday parties because EVERY KID loves them.  They're easy to build with and flexible when they're connected.  They're awesome.

This is another go-to gift... it lights up, turns off automatically when you're not using it and the basketball itself is great quality.

Luke LOVED this series and it's one of his all-time FAVORITES.  Mason is BIG into Captain Underpants (and Diary of a Wimpy Kid) right now and I think a book series always makes a great gift.

 Snap Circuits involve building models of working electrical circuits and kids can follow the guide book to create circuits that make things move, light up, make noise, launch things, etc. or (once they're a little more comfortable) make their own creations.

HAPPY Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. Hi! Would you mind sharing a link to the garmin watch? It looks awesome but I can't find it on Amazon...probably user error, hahah! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation, just ordered Ticket to Ride from Target, it was on sale, stacked with a 25% off target circle coupon, I got it for $33! :D

  3. Thank you for this amazing gift guide!! You always have the best ideas and my son seems to have similar interests as Luke so these suggestions are always a hit!!

  4. I need more info on the Gabb - does it allow kids to play with things like the Sphero?