Monday, June 8, 2020

Weekend Top 10

Happy Monday, friends!  Here's my top 10 moments from the weekend :) 

Sweet little buddies on a walk...

Enjoying the pool water for the last time for a couple of weeks ;)

Quarantine-puppy for the win!

Another couple of puzzles down...

Football practice started again!!!  #HEWeme

Gibi stopped by and after mending one piggy nose ended up performing surgery on a whole crew of injured animals :)

We managed to stay cool despite not having a pool in the yard...

We finally sorted and filed some school papers...

Went on a walk in bathing suits...

... and hung out in the empty pool :)

HAPPY Monday, friends!


  1. That pool picture reminds me of one of our happier memories. We went to a friend's house and they were fixing their pool so it was empty like that, but full of toads and eggs all over it! It was so weird but also really cool. Maybe you'll have a surprise maternity ward, too?! So glad you posted because we need some normalcy/happy things to break up all this heaviness.

  2. I recognize that bench!! That little spot holds some sweet memories for my family as well! Happy Monday, Andrea!

  3. Our rescue just took in a 9 month old owner surrender Mastiff. He looks a lot like Rosie! He has deformed front legs, which I guess is common with this breed, so is facing surgery. I thought about Rosie Roo!

  4. I had a dream with Rosie Roo in it last night! I don't remember any details, but I know FOR SURE that she was in it! So funny!

  5. I mean....I see a FABULOUS pool picnic in your future with on theme decorations and a book that you've somehow found that goes with the day. Please invite me.

  6. You find the best puzzles always!! It must be so hard not to have a pool right now in this heat!!! The payoff will definitely be how beautiful it is once it's done!!! I'm so excited for y'all!

  7. My mom also performs some surgery on our stuffed animals and favorite blankets. So cute to see other grandmas do it too. :)

  8. I love the Gibi surgery center. I had a few stuffies go to the doctor over the years, most recently my Molly American Girl went to the doll hospital a few Christmases ago for some repairs even though I am now 30 and she lives in a box under my bed for my (hopefully) future children.

  9. I love your school paper filing system! What are the plastic bins you are using? They look larger than the normal ones I see online. Thanks!