Friday, January 3, 2014

Five on Friday

Linking up today with The Good Life Blog for Five on Friday and I'm playing a little bit of catch up from a few events that kind of got "lost" in the Holiday shuffle :)

1) Grandparent's Day
The Friday before Thanksgiving week, MCA hosted Grandparents Day.  It's a really sweet day where all the students perform (band, choir, etc.) from PreK all the way through High School.  Thankfully, PreK gets to go first :) hahaha

It was a patriotic theme and our little cutie (third from the left on the front row), did such a great job.

 Luke's art was also displayed...

After Pre-K performed, Gibi and Haha got to go back to Luke's classroom :)  It was BITTERLY cold and super rainy, but Luke was a teeny bit excited nonetheless. 

2) Lego Land
This past Monday Dave took both the boys to Lego Land Discovery Center in Grapevine.  He's taken just Luke several times, but this was Mason's first time to go.  Griffin and I hung out at home (fine with me! hahaha) and Dave only texted me a couple of pics since keeping up with two little guys is a full time job :)

Can y'all spot Luke??? :)

 3D movie time!

3) Luke's Christmas Program

Luke had his Christmas Program on December 19th and it was so much fun!  Gibi and Haha joined all of us there and Miss Griffin was lookin super cute (duh!) :)

I LOVE this little smocked dress.  I think I might hold onto it until next year and maybe she can wear it as a top???  I don't have much experience with smocking so I'm not sure if it'll work... but it's too cute not to try.

Mason spent pretty much the entire program hanging out with a group of my middle school girls in the bleachers :)  Foreshadowing??? hahaha

I thought it would be fun to get a pic of the three kiddos after the program.  Griffin didn't want Haha to put her down and Mason... well he was being MAson.  Please note the red face, pouty lip and one shoe.  Because he's Mason :)

Griffin and Haha looking festive!

Luke's self portrait was displayed and it was super cute.  Apparently he has a mullet and I really liked how he put his nose on upside down :)  #individual

4) Monogrammed Sweatshirt
I am a BIG fan of the sweatshirt. Like BIG!  I have quite the collection of MCA spirit hoodies (hahaha) and I wear them all the time.  The bigger and baggier the better.  I wear them with PJ pants every day.  My friends mock me for wearing them with shorts at home even when it's 112 degrees in the summer. :)

I found a cute monogrammed sweatshirt on Etsy in the summer and it's my new favorite.  It's like a dressy version of my tried and true favorite.  It's a half zip and I bought a size up to get the oversized fit I like and I'm obsessed. 

When I posted the pic on IG this week I got lots of questions... so here's a link to the Etsy shop where I bought mine.  It's held up well in the wash and is TWENTY SIX DOLLARS!!! TWENTY SIX!!!  You need one. Today. 

Find it HERE.

5) Dave starts 2014 with a BANG!

I woke up at 7:45 a.m. on Jan.1, ate a handful of gummy bears and hung out in my pjs until 4:00 in the afternoon.  Dave, on the other hand, got up bright and early (like 3:30 a.m. early!) to go duck hunting with a couple of friends.  I know a lot of friends whose husbands hunt... but Dave wasn't raised hunting and he had never been.  

He had a great time, though and I think he'll be going again!  

Also!  I didn't ask him to take any pics... one of the guys took them :) hahaha

TWO additional things...

1) Be sure to check out Erika and my Photo A Day challenge on Instagram!  If you missed out yesterday, no worries! Start today!!!  Find me on IG HERE

Last... On Wednesday I posted some Words of Wisdom for the New Year.  I got some GREAT feedback from y'all and I so appreciate all the comments and emails.  Yesterday was a rough day for me and I was so encouraged to hear about how some of y'all are going through situations where you've had to cut your losses and move on from important relationships in your lives.  Making the decision to focus on healthy and productive relationships is not one to make lightly and the encouragement was great.  Just another reason I love "blogland"!

This weekend I'll be soaking in the last few days at home with my kiddos before having to set my alarm, put on real clothes and teach Algebra to 100 12-14 year olds :)  


  1. Cute photo of Luke with your parents!
    Lego Land looks really fun.
    I love Griffin's smocked Christmas dress,
    and your monogrammed sweatshirt!

  2. The cuteness of Luke is too much...I can hardly stand it! And Dave in camo...priceless!

  3. I so love your monogrammed sweatshirt!!! You have such an adorable family and its a blessing reading your blog!!

  4. Love the pics of Luke in his Christmas program...he is so darn handsome!
    Mason on the bleachers probably get tired of hearing me say that I love that kid but he is just too much! :)
    Griffin's smocked dress....adorable!
    LOVE your monogrammed sweatshirt, looks super comfy!
    And lastly I love the names Gibi and Haha...have never heard them before for grandparents until reading your blog and they are just super fun names!!!

  5. Your down-to-earth real-ness can not get any more real! I just love everything about this post...and totally buying that perfection of a sweatshirt!! Your words of wisdom recap at the end could not hit home with me more...focusing on the healthy relationships & not the opposite is def something I will be doing more in 2014...thank you for the words to live by & great inspiration <3

  6. Andrea what is the color combination of your sweatshirt? There are so many different greys and pinks!


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