Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weekend Recap: Rain, Rain and More Rain Edition

It was rainy and yuck all day Friday, but these two brought the sunshine to Miss Lisa's house :)

I laughed sooooooooo hard after school when a group of my 8th graders asked to take a selfie with Luke :)   It's good t be Luke McAnally :)

I had a Math Department after school and then it was home do play.  Jack Bauer does great in his crate while we're at work/school and he is EXCITED to play when we get home!

Dave picked up Mason and G adn I brought out my "good camera" to attempt to capture all this sass :)  #missionaccomplished

Friday night I was working on birthday party planning (three parties, three consecutive weekends.... pray for me. hahaha) and started reminiscing about this time 7, 4 and 2 years ago when I was about 35 weeks pregnant (technically about 32 with Luke... but the pic is 35 wks).  I won't ever have the opportunity to carry a sweet baby again {yes, we're done :) } and that makes me so sad!

35 weeks with Luke (on the left), Mason (on the top) and GG (on the bottom).

Friday night the boys wanted to "camp out" in their room, which meant pulling all their blankets and pillows off their beds, sleeping on the floor and making a fire for roasting marshmallows out of K'Nex :)

Saturday morning Luke had skating, Mason and Dave worked in the yard and Griffin (my giant bag) and I headed to WalMart...

Jack Bauer got a new bed and bone and this is pretty much where he spent the rest of his day :)

After lunch, we played trains, colored and got out the play dough.  The boys were "starving" a mer hour or so after lunch so they had a turkey dog, apple quarter and cheese for snack.  What am I in for when they're teenagers?!?!?!

 Griffin was napping and it was drizzling so we couldn't go on a full walk, but I let Mason walk Jack to the stop sign at our corner and he thought he was AWESOME!!!

Sunday morning we headed to church in the rain (yuck!), but my awesome hubby ran in to get my tea :)

Griffin looked ADORABLE in some new Matilda Jane pieces - but she would NOT stand still :) hahaha

I wore white linen pants and a fun floral shirt.

My floral blouse is from last Spring, but here are four I'm drooling over :)


My straw tote was from Lands End a few years ago, but how cute is THIS ONE from Athleta?

Shay and I taught Sunday school together and I was cracking up at my little teacher's pet, Mason :)


Sunday afternoon I lesson planned while Griffin napped and the boys went to a birthday party.  Sunday night Shay hosted our Sunday School girls social for the month and we had a "book exchange/sale" that was so much fun!!!

I loaded up my bag with books I was done with it and an entire cake.  Doesn't everyone need a bag big enough to hold a cake??? :) hahaha

Monday morning was ROUGH on this sweet baby!  She's a total mama's girl and she is having a hard time when I leave in the mornings :(  I can usually get her to giggle if we make silly faces and so that's what we were doing when she got all sweet and snuggly :)

Thankfully, after I got to school I got these pics from Dave.  Me leaving wasn't something a little cheerios and kitty time couldn't fix :)

When we got home from school Mason did his regular routine of laying on the floor and letting Jack Bauer jump on him and lick him head to toe. hahaha  ;)

GG and I took more silly pictures...

... and then while the boys went to watch Luke skate G had the whole tub to herself!  She was thrilled to pieces and kept "swimming" back and forth.  

I always love getting one-on-one time with my kids and the hour I had with Griffin solo was priceless. 

After her bath we snuggled and watched some Frozen at her request :)

The one-on-one time did us both some good :)

 Don't forget that tomorrow is Recipe Club! I have some super delish Easter recipes to share and I can't wait!!!  Hope y'all are having a GREAT day!


  1. Listen, no matter if I'm wearing a skirt and heels, I love to sit down with Mason and that crew to read :). Those kids are just the sweetest!! And those pics of G at the end...just gorgeous :).

  2. The pics of GG in the bag and the ones of Mason and the puppy are priceless! Have a great day!

  3. SO MUCH goodness in this post....but my favorite is definitely Luke taking a selfie with the girls! :)

  4. Love mason walking the dog. So adorable !!!

  5. I love that Barrington bag....the hugeness is soooo exciting. It's definitely on my wish list! And I love all the pics of your kiddos....too precious!!

  6. I bet G loved that one on one time just as much!! That selfie of you girls is so cute!

  7. Love those tub pics of G and that Mason and his puppy are ADORABLE!!!!!

  8. I love the pics of G with her "Jellycat" babies! My daughter, now 7, has a gray Jellycat Kitty. We have had Baby Kitty for almost 4 years. She sleeps with her every night, but leaves her at home when we go out. She knows that if she loses Baby Kitty, she can't be replaced. Jellycat babies are the best!

  9. Oh my goodness I love that floral top....and I am cracking up about the bag big enough for a cake! haha

  10. Ok. I have a Barrington Bags tote on my To-Buy list. The one you have is HUGE, and with no kids, I don't need one that massive. I have another in mind though. I WILL get one before this summer is up!

  11. I love your giant bag! And that picture of G sitting in it, is hysterical.

  12. GG watching Frozen, the cutest, and the one of her in the bag, I die! Mason walking the dog, he must have felt so big time!

  13. Loved this post! All the pictures...my fav!! And that last one of GG...the best!

  14. I wish we were neighbors, my Hampton and G have matching hair except his is blonde and he and Mason look like they could be good buds! oh well, a girl can dream, until we move I Will just keep reading my favorite blog everyday :)

  15. How cute is she all cuddled up with all of her animal buddies and blankets to watch a movie with you?!

  16. The picture of G feeding her kitty melted my heart! Adalyn has a ballet baby that she just loves, and I'm sure G feels the same way about her kitty!


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