Saturday, July 20, 2013


We had the most ridiculously fun few days a s a family and I have an equally ridiculous number of pictures to post.  I figured that I'd make up for my lack of blogging by posting close to 100 pictures.  hahaha

Dave took some time off from work this past week and we decided to take an impromptu little trip as a family.  Our next door neighbors (and parents of one of my besties, Manda), graciously offered up their GORGEOUS lake house and so we packed up and headed East.  

We got there Wednesday afternoon and after a quick lunch, the boys hit up the sand.  Of course.

Both my boys seem to have inherited my "rosy cheeks".  From the time I was little, whenever I get hot my cheeks turn RED.  Like, red red.  People would stop me and ask me if I was okay, tell me to sit out in outdoor activities and offer me water :)  Apparently my boys will get the same treatment because seriously... look at these red cheeks:

The boys took the golf cart out for a spin around the neighborhood and got caught in an absolute DOWNPOUR!

When they got back to the house we had dinner and Mason found a perfect place to play "cars" :)

After dinner it was bath time and we decided that this would be as good a time as any to put all three kids in the tub together :)

After baths we had some super sleepy boys on our hands:

The boys were asleep about 15 seconds after their heads hit the pillow. SO CUTE!

After the boys went to bed and Dave and I watched a movie. Perfect! :)

Thursday morning we enjoyed breakfast...


... and I tried to take a couple of pics before we headed out :)

Just in case you were wondering what I look like early in the morning. hahaha.  Look at the cute baby :)

We found a park where the boys could swim and they had a BLAST splashing, looking for shells and throwing rocks :)

Mason is stronger than he looks :)

Splash fight!

We got back to the house, ate lunch and took naps! :)

Luke woke up bright eyed and ready to go...

... Mason not so much.

It's hard being two :)

Mason perked up a bit when we told him he could go outside and play :)

He was very concerned about the giraffe getting a drink...

Luke spent his time gathering pinecones...

I swear he looks more like Dave every. single. day.

Someone explain to me how he can do this and it's FUN in the pool, but the minute water comes close to touching his eyes in the bathtub its drama?!?!?!

Speaking of drama...

Griffin and I went inside for a bit to get dinner ready, but I couldn't resist taking a few more pictures of my cooperative little girl :)

The boys came in and had fun in the AWESOME shower :)

And Griffin and I had some talk time :)

Luke helped me prep for dinner and Haha came over to hang with us a bit and take the boys fishing!

I was getting dinner ready and caught Luke and Haha deep in conversation out on the deck. #love

The boys went out on the golf cart and Luke was super excited because they saw lots of deer!

Mason apparently wanted to "karate chop" the deer.  :)

That night Luke built a "picture of Griffin" out of blocks :)

... and then we did some sparklers :)

Friday morning it was time to fish!

The boys didn't let a little rain stop them (yes, Haha has a fishing hat) :)

Luke and Haha caught a catfish!!!

Mason had to touch it as well :)

After fishing we were going to go swim again, but the rain put a damper on our plans so the boys went to this vets office who sells exotic animals.  They saw kangaroos, zebras...

... and camels.  I had no idea there was a market for camels.... 

We had the best few days together as a family.  So much fun and lots of memories made.  It was a little getaway, but it was our first as a family of five and we're definitely counting it a success.

Blurry, but oh well :)

Mason cried for "MY HAHA" for the first 10 minutes of our trip home, but after that he was pretty much like this the rest of the way. 

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  1. Oh my gosh! What a gorgeous lake house the Davis' have! Your trip looked like so much fun (and the weather looked perfect too!).


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