Monday, August 2, 2010

Jackson "Goge"

Luke has two friends named Jackson... Jaxson New and Jackson Pogue - or as Luke says it Jackson "Goge". Last Monday we headed to the pool with Jeni and Jackson and the boys had a fantastic time together. They ran around the pool and made their mamas poor nervous wrecks, but we all left with all of our teeth and no major injuries so I guess it was a success :) These little guys are about a month apart and are so similar!

When we were packing up and getting dried off they created this little game where Jackson would run behind the chair and stick his finger through and poke Luke's head...
Then he would run around the front of the chair and they would both CRACK UP!
Running to the back of the chair again:
Poking Luke's head again...
Cracking up again!
Then it was time for some hugs. You can kind of tell from this picture, but Jackson was patting Luke's head and it was just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen!

EVEN CUTER!!!! :) When these boys are super macho 17 year olds who are way too cool for their moms, we'll have to break out these pictures to coerce them to spend some time with us. :)

After I put my camera away they held hands all the way to the car and then hugged so hard they fell over into the grass. It was so sweet!
Luke and Jackson are going to be in the same pre-school class next year and I'm soooo glad that Luke will have a special friend in Jackson "Goge". :)

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  1. love this post, and LOVE these boys!!! too cute!


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