Friday, May 7, 2010


A few nights ago when it was raining (I think this was Monday, maybe?!?!?! I've apparently lost all track of time. ha!) Gibi stopped by to check out this bizarre rash Luke had going on on the back of his neck (we think it's from a bug bite). We're working on potty training and so before she left he wanted to go potty (which often involves removing all of his clothes) and afterward, when he went to walk her to the door, he decided to just run out in the rain! NAKED!
After running around the side of the house to check on the trash cans (of course!) he inspected some of my flowers...
... and thought that despite the rain they might need some additional watering :)
He absolutely loved the rain! And streaking around in it! :)


  1. Ouch! That is a nasty rash! :( Poor Luke.
    Good Luck on the potty training.

  2. Ummmm...I'd watch out if I were you. Rumor has it there are some old cranky people in your neighborhood who like to call the cops :).


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