Saturday, May 10, 2008

No more newborn diapers!

Luke has officially grown out of his newborn size diapers. I kept trying to squeeze him into them, denying that he was no longer a newborn, but the cleanups we were having to do outweighed the sentimental value of seeing the NB on his diapers and so we moved up to size 1. (I'm really not crazy, I swear!) :)
Anyway, we have a whole bunch of size 1 diapers that the guests at my MCA baby shower wrote encouraging and sweet notes on (actually they wrote them on sticky labels and stuck those to the diapers) and it's been really fun to change Luke and see a word encouragement.
On Thursday Luke and I went shopping with Mark for clothes for his internship (which he started on Friday) and I found myself becomming one of "those women" as Luke became furiously hungry sooner than I had anticipated and I had to resort to breastfeeding him in the store. I thought I was being very discreet as I ducked into a little hallway and got him situated (it was a seriously dire situation) and then realized that while trying to avoid onlookers from the store I had inadvertently exposed myself to a security camera... lovely. Surprisingly I wasn't too upset though, as I found that I've lost all modesty during my pregnancy. :) Thankfully Luke was satisfied after the feeding and Mark and I were able to continue our trip and get all of the clothes that he needed.
Yesterday was extremely productive as Luke decided it would be a good day to nap A LOT and I was able to do four loads of laundry, wash and put away all of the dishes and make a dent in my super long list of thank you notes (if you've done something nice for me over the past 6 weeks I promise that a thank you note is in the works). Since Dave was working late Luke and I packed up and headed over to my parents (Gibi and Grandpa) house and we hung out there for a while. Luke needed a bath so I threw the baby wash in my diaper bag and we ended up giving Luke an impromptu bath in the kitchen sink. He was mad before we started and so the experience wasn't as enjoyable as we had anticipated, but it was cute nonetheless.

Luke sitting in my mom's dish drying rack in the sink :)

We gave up on the dish rack and stuck him directly in the water
Luke and Mark enjoying an afterbath nap

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