Monday, April 21, 2008

Tagged... 7 things you may not know about me

  1. When I was four years old my mom entered one of my drawings in for an art contest that a local furniture store was hosting and I won first place. The contest wasn't just for little kids either, I beat out 9 and 10 year olds for the prize... an armoire that I had in my room until college. Too bad that was the extent of my artistic ability.
  2. My senior year of high school I decided to grow my hair out and donate it to Locks of Love. I let it grow for over a year and my sophomore year of college I cut off approximately 16" (it was down to my waist... my friends used to say I looked like I was homeschooled) on my birthday.
  3. I played the bass trombone (an enlarged version of the regular trombone... the big brass instrument with the slide) throughout high school and into college. I played in marching band, concert band, jazz band and with the Metropolitan Winds (at the time I was the youngest member ever). I was all set to rule the trombone section my senior year of high school, but then I had to get braces and pretty much relearn how to play... I lost the big solo part to Mark Hearon and have been bitter about it ever since.
  4. I moved from Canada to North Carolina when I was about 8 years old and I had no idea what a napkin was since we had always called them serviettes (the French word for napkins). That year was especially traumatic since my 2nd grade teacher thought I may have been eligible for special ed... it turns out that the problem was that I couldn't understand her southern accent and I excelled in the classroom once she went on maternity leave. :)
  5. I went into college planning to be a surgeon. My plan starting college was finish a double major in business and bio-chemistry in 3 years and then start my MBA the 4th year (in order to take full advantage of a 4-year scholarship) and ten go on to med school. Midway through my sophomore year I came to the realization that I hated Chemistry and that I didn't want to be in school until I was 30 and so I switched to just business. I worked in marketing and advertising for a few years and then decided to teach junior high math.
  6. I almost drowned in a whitewater rafting accident while on a college trip, but thankfully was pulled from the water by two men in a raft who no one had seen on the river the whole day and who no one saw again after they pulled me out.
  7. I am petrified of E.T. He is not cute, he's creepy and scary and gross. I will still look away if I see a picture or movie clip of him and still find myself getting the chills if I think of the scene where he turns all white.


  1. Ok girl, I must see a picture of all this hair. I can't even imagine you with long hair. Please post one :)!

  2. WOW, that is amazing! I did NOT know about the rafting accident. Angels are watching over us.